Easy to learn - Easy to treasure! 

We have spent over 20 years singing with children and have created these songs to be both easy to learn and effective.  Listen to the full version of the songs and try to imagine your child's voice singing the song: this is what we will create for you. Record them using the My turn - Your turn version.


Capture their voices forever for only

£29 (limited offer)

 "A unique keepsake!"

As high as the mountains

A beautifully simple song that any child can sing and any loved one will treasure.  

Jelly Tots

A fun song comparing your child's love

with Jelly Tots.

Through the day

A song about your child's love each and

every day.

The moon and back

A song that tries to express how far your child's love reaches.


1)  Use the My turn - Your turn version of the song, getting your child to repeat each song phrase 'in the gaps.' This is essential as it means we have a clear recording of your child's voice without any backing sounds.

2)  Use two devices: one to play the My turn - Your turn song prompt, and one to record your child.

My turn (listen) ....

Your turn (sing) 

3) Do it in 'one take.'  Once you've started recording, just keep recording until your child has recorded their greeting at the end.  You should send us just one recording.

one recording

4) To send it to us, click on the 'share'  icon on the recording and type in our email address

(see Send page of this site for details).

Ready to record?

Quick guide


 Here are our tips as you begin to capture your child's voice.

Your smartphone will probably have an audio record/voice memo app installed (eg. Voice Memo on iPhones, Voice Recorder on Android etc.)  If not, there are plenty of free ones you can install.  Make sure you record in the highest quality setting.

Listen to the song a few times before trying to record it. Play both versions - our full version and the My turn-Your turn version. The song will then be more familiar to your child and you will get a better recording.

This may sound obvious, but choose a quiet space to record your song. We can't get rid of all background noise in production so the quieter it is, the better. A quiet space will also make the time spent completing the recording with your child a special moment to treasure.

As parents and teachers, we know that young children have limited concentration and if they don't want to do something, they won't! Choose a time when your child isn't tired or grumpy and you'll all enjoy the experience - and get a better recording too.

Remember how well children respond to praise so tell them how well they are doing and they will try their best to do even better for you.  Remind them who they are doing this for - we all need a purpose!

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